Sunday, November 21, 2010

Long time no post

I just wanted to get everyone up to speed with my little family. It has been a long time since I have had time to sit down and blog. I have not even been on here to read all the other blogs. I am going to try and make more time for this as it is very important to my family. I am just going to write a little paragraph on all of us one at a time.
Cori: So for me nothing is new other than adding a new addition to our family. She is not so new anymore. Sorry to all who have not even seen pics. I will do my best to get some up here in the next little while. Work is great ( it could always be better) I love my job. The girls are amazing as always and b is the best hubby.
Brandon: Work work work all day long. he is doing very well. He seems to enjoy work. He would love to go back to school and finish getting his degree in Accounting. For now time and money will not allow him to do so. I wish so bad I could take over all of the duties and let him do so. Brandon just had a bday Nov 3rd. He is now one year older and a little more gray around the edges. I would not call it salt and pepper yet, but it is def getting close. I love him so much.
Launa Nachole: She is now in the second grade and loving it. She has so many friends and is the liht of the classroom. Her parent teacher conf. was last week and she is doing great. SHe is still strugling with her reading, but we are doing our best to keep her up with the class ( she is just like her mother. I used to hate to read). She is getting so big it is nuts. she is one of the tallest kids in her class. Her favorite thing to do is color or play on the computer. She is very energetic and funny. My favorite thing she says to me daily is " Mommy I love you so much today".
Teiha Lybertie: Oh the teity bug, she is now in kindergarten and loving it to the maxxxxxx. She is already reading and thriving in her classroom. Her teacher is gret with her. She got a note home from her teacher the other day. The note suggested that we test her for the magnet program. Her teacher thinks she is gifted ( like way to smart for her own good ). Teiha and launa are such great friends. They could play all day long, even through the night.
Ellie Quinn: The girls is not 9 months old. She is so big and is growing like a weed. Really she is quite small for her age. She is 9 months and only 16 lbs. she is in 3-6 month clothes and fits some small 9 month things. Her pediatrician is a little concerned about her weight but not enough to monitor at this point. She is right on target with all of her milestones. She is all about the smile and making you smole. She is a great addition to our family.
We love all of you and will leave you with that. I hope I will find some time soon to blog more. LOVES!!!!!


Tami and Eric said...

I love reading about your family.I love and miss ya. Love aunt tam

Marcy Cheney said...

YAY Cori...I was so surprised to wake up to find a new blog post from you. Can't wait for the new pics to get!!! Love you all so much and miss you tonz...Mama