Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bad Bad Bad DAy!!!!!!!!!!

So have any of you ever had the worst day in your life that just wont get better??? Well mine was today. Or you could say it started last night. So I get home from working a 12 hr shift last night at 7:00 pm. Launa was puking everywhere and I mean everywhere. WHen my girls get sick they get sick. So after a long night of puking and crying launa and I might have got 2 hrs of sleep total. So we wake up this A.M. And I get her in the bath to help her feel refreshed, she would normally eat her breakfast but was not in the mood for it. It was her last day of school, she just wanted to go and say goodbye to all of her kindergarten class for the last time till 1st grade. So I brought her to school and the pucking started all over again. On our was home she said she was feeling much better. We went home and we played the Wii and had a good few hrs today. She then started to feel sick again. So I took her into work and she was seen by one of the docs I work for. The doc says she just has a viral inf. So we give her some meds and about 10 min later we were driving home from the doc and she pucked so far it hit the windshield of the car I was driving and I almost hit the car in front of me. So I said something I would normally never say............... Are you ready here it is. I dropped the F- BOMB and launa says to me mommy please don't swear. Well to top it all off I feel like crap I am crying and I get a text from My mom ( Marcy) asking me if I ment to call her. Well I guess she heard the whole amount of madness and called to see if we were ok. I really feel like I am the worst mom ever. That is so not me to say that word to my kiddos, BUT I DID TODAY. I needed to get it off of my chest....... LAUNA GIRL I AM SO SO SO SO SORRY..... OK well love you all glad I could vent. HOPE I will not be jugged for posting this or saying what I said today.


Marcy Cheney said...

You are So NOT a bad Mom!!!! Yes, I heard the whole thing via your cell phone (hate the accidental pocket dial!) but I'm sure Launa has already forgiven you. I hope that she feels better today and that you both got some sleep last night. It happens to all of us at one time or don't give it another thought. Can't wait to see you in 13 days!!! YAY.....Love ya...Mama

Zach and Sara said...

You are so out of control. I could tell you felt so know, because you called me three times in less than 2 minutes to ask if you're a bad mom. Oh the days I look forward to! You're an awesome mom and Launa has already forgotten. Loves!